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Patient Rights & Responsibilities


As a patient, you have specific rights and responsibilities in relation to your medical needs. To gain maximum benefit from your relationship with your health care provider, it is imperative that you understand your rights and how to exercise these rights.

Your treatment is based on the care plan recommended by your health care provider. You have the right to participate in decisions from the initial stages through any revisions to your care plan. You have the right to:

  • Choose a healthcare provider,
  • Be fully informed of your responsibilities,
  • Be informed in advance about our service to you and any limitations on those services,
  • Be informed of your right to formulate an Advance Directive and what to do in a medical emergency,
  • Be informed of any charges for which the patient is responsible,
  • Be informed of any financial benefits when being referred to another provider of care,
  • Make informed decisions and participate in the development and periodic revision of the plan of care,
  • Be informed of your right to refuse care after the consequences of refusing care are fully explained to you,
  • Receive appropriate care in accordance with physician orders and without discrimination, and
  • Have your property and person treated with respect and consideration, and be free from mistreatment, neglect or verbal, mental, sexual and physical abuse, including injuries of an unknown source.


  • Participating in decisions regarding your care plan,
  • Following physician orders,
  • Informing us immediately of any changes to your health condition that suggests a revision to your care plan, and
  • Complying with our financial policy and/or payment plan, if applicable.


  • Our personnel will clearly identify themselves upon arrival.
  • Our personnel are trained to recognize individuality, cultural diversity, and will treat you with respect and without discrimination.
  • Our personnel will treat all patients attentively and with the highest quality of health care services.
  • Our personnel will clearly review all information needed for you to make free and informed decisions about your care and treatment.
  • Your confidentiality will be held with respect by our personnel.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, 911 should be called for assistance.


As our patient, you have every right to express your concerns without fear of repercussion or discrimination. We encourage open communication and welcome your recommendations for changes in our policy, personnel or your plan of care. Complaints and/or suggestions may be reported directly to your provider or you may call our business office telephone number included in the admission packet.


Gateway Medical, LLC is required by state and federal laws to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your health information. All information in relation to your medical needs will be held in strictest confidence and shared only with those who have authorization. See the Notice of Privacy Practices for details about how we may use or disclose your information and how to exercise your rights in accordance with Federal HIPAA legislation.